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Wilfrid ROBERTSON (M: 1892 - ?) : des romans qui ont l'Afrique pour cadre.
Liste de quelques uns de ses livres

      Black Meg's
      Bush Patrol
      Circle of shadows
      Coaster's Mate An african adventure
      Dunkirk dunes to libyan sand
      Fire in the Flint, A Tale in Seven Scenes
      Gold Over the Border
      Herencia en Africa
      Jack and Elephant Bull
      Lorraine Cross and Southern Cross
      Mandala Trail
      Mountain Of Gold [1935)
      Mystery At Manthorpe
      Queer doings at Quantham
      Raiders From The Bush [1936)
      Rhodesian Rancher (1935)
      Shadow of a Rope
      Snow on the Wold
      The affair of A.20: a story of the campaign in Madagascar
      The black planes [1938)
      The Blue Wagon
      The Day of Rorke's Drift January 22, 1879
      The Defence of Mafeking - Great Exploits
      The Emperor's Ring - a Story of the Campaign in Abyssinia
      The house on the headland
      The Island Plot
      The Lost Gold Bars
      The Lost Mines of Chikova
      The missing legatee
      The mountain of gold
      The Painted Pool [1936)
      The Storm of '96 A Tale of the Mashona Rising
      The young traveller in Tropical Africa
      The zakana gold affair
      To God Alone
      Trant of Makati
      Village By the Stones
      Wagons Rolling North
      Wings over Zambezi
      Zambezi Days [1936)

L'Or perdu - 'the Lost gold bars' , traduction de Eliane Simons en 1954 est le seul livre de Wilfrid Robertson traduit en français .

Livres Collection Captain W.E. JOHNS - Presses de la Cité
Titre Auteur date HEROS N°Edit.
102 L'or perdu Robertson 14.10.54   603  
The lost gold bars

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